Pilot Makers



Get more confidence, skill, and satisfaction with Pilot Makers.


Stand out from the Crowd

Are you interested in a professional track? Great! Did you know there are many ways to make a good living flying airplanes, not just in the airlines? Of course, we provide our unprecedented level of flight training if you want to fly airliners. Our training will help you if you’re thinking of flying bush planes in Alaska, or becoming an airshow pilot, or all of the above! By the time you receive your commercial license, you will also have your tailwheel endorsement, complete UPRT Training, Complete Spin Training, your High Performance/Complex Endorsement, Multi-Engine Commercial and Single Engine Commercial Add On.

Our goal is to make you stand out from the crowd whether you are gunning for the airlines or not, and expand your professional opportunities to many other exciting aviation careers!


Pilot Training Done Right

Making you a truly safe and competent pilot is our #1 goal for your flight training. We have developed our Private Pilot Course, which is unique in the industry, to give you the skills no other flight school can. We will make you a safer, more confident, and more capable pilot than any other private pilot training available anywhere. How do we do it? Our unique fleet of aircraft allows us to provide unprecedented exposure to skill and confidence building lesson plans. Not only do you learn how to fly in the legendary Cessna 172 with an upgraded 195hp engine, but you also receive 10 hours of tailwheel flying in our Super Decathlon and Pitts S2C to cover Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) and Spin Training.

We are the only flight school we know in the entire country to provide Upset Prevention and Recovery Training and Spin Training in our Private Pilot Syllabus. Why? Because of Loss Of Control – Inflight is the #1 cause of aviation fatalities, and we are committed to producing pilots that fully understand and are proficient in all possible flight attitudes. Our unique Private Pilot Course combined with our highly experienced and dedicated instructors will give you the skills no other flight school can, which will make you a safer, more confident, and more capable pilot than any other private pilot training available anywhere!


Training to the Next Level

Ready for the next step? Let’s just take it to the next level! Again using our unique assets we not only give you Instrument training with experienced instructors, but we also teach Instrument Upset Recovery in our Super Decathlon. Wake Turbulence Upset can happen just as easily in the clouds as on a nice VFR day. Learning how to recover from an upset on instruments can one day save your life. If it can happen to pilots flying commercial jets, it can happen to you. Not only will you get the instrument training in our simulator, but you will also get upset training in the sim, as well as on-aircraft upset recovery on instruments in the aircraft.

Specialty Courses

Upset Recovery Training

Learn how to fix bad attitudes – fast. Don’t let the first time you go inverted be close to the ground due to a wake vortex or unexpected severe turbulence. Our Upset Recovery and Spin Training courses are designed to give you confidence in handling your aircraft properly when those pressure situations hit. And it’s great fun!

Tailwheel Endorsements

Whether you are interested in aerobatics, flying a bush plane, building a homebuilt, or just always wanted to see if what they say about landing a Pitts is true, come fly with us and we’ll teach you sound fundamentals that will sharpen your flying skills in any airplane. We offer this training in the Super Decathlon, Pitts S2C, Stearman, and T-6.


Aerobatics is the ultimate individual expression and freedom in aviation. Our aerobatics courses teach you how to safely enjoy aerobatics from warbird and recreational “gentleman’s” aerobatics up through the high octane experience of competition sequences. Safely learn how to execute all the basics and open your flying experience to the exciting and fulfilling world of aerobatic flight.

Spin Training

Take your pilot skills to the next level with our dedicated spin training courses. Spins are not to be feared but mastered and our courses will put you well on your way to doing just that. Whether it’s introductory spins in our Super Decathlon or advanced spins in our Pitts, you are sure to come away a better, safer, and more confident pilot.