Latest Meeting Minutes

Hey everyone, I know we had a lot of you out on fall break last Thursday and I am hoping for a better turn out on November 16th. Here are some notes from last weeks meeting. 


  • Rick Jeffs with the FAASafety Team was able to publish a special notice to all pilots in the area of Utah. You may have seen this. I immediately received emails from a dozen individuals and organizations asking questions and some wanting to join our group. The practice area maps were a big hit to a lot of individuals, especially weekend flyers. 
  • I shared several take aways from the safety info share that took place last month in Riverside. Way too much to cover on a call as I ended up with at least 12 pages of notes from the entire conference. If you want to attend next year in Dallas and need department approval at your university there are opportunities for presenters in the Safety Share, contact Michael Robertson ( if you are interested. There was discussion of possibly having an aircraft specific safety share or break out session in the future, I think this would be helpful. 
  • One of the many ideas I took from the conference is to have a safety stand down where departments are broken down into teams to identify hazards and related mitigation strategy, then bring the ideas to the entire group to get buy in and implementation. 
  • For those with G-1000 systems, I highly recommend looking into contributing to the NGAFID database. John Walberg from UND will be leading a webinar on Thursday at 12pm mountain time (TOMORROW). Click this link to register. register here
  • If you do not have G-1000 in all or any of your aircraft there is an app available which will record a lot of data which in turn can be uploaded to the site, its called GAARD. Google an you will find it. CloudAhoy is also available but is a paid app, about $65 per account and there are group rates. 
  • At the conference one of the items discussed in the safety committee was getting started on SMS programs since the FAA has now established guidelines for an acceptable voluntary program. The committee is looking to have a regular conference call to help everyone interested through the process. The call would be led by those further ahead in the process to help others avoid pitfalls and avoid unnecessary delays. 
  • Another topic addressed at UAA was changing aircraft data to animation that can be used for training and education purposes. I am trying to get this started at SUU but it requires rewriting some templates for the Cirrus aircraft, if you have Cessna I have a template I can pass on that is ready to go. You will need to have a Xplane installed. 
  • Kent Barnes wrote a great safety article on preflight briefings, it covers proper briefing options, covers accident statistics where a briefing was not officially obtained, and reviews some good rules of thumb. The article has been posted to the website.