Latest Meeting Minutes

Thanks to all who participated in todays call. Here are some of the notes.


  • Matt at USU shared the FlyteAnalytics, they have been using for close to a year and this program has allowed them to focus on areas of unsafe operation. The are currently exploring pricing broken down to a flight hour cost. The information is gathered from the G1000 installed in the aircraft. UND offers a similar data collection system that is not nearly as developed but is at no cost called the NGAFID. 
  • I shared some takeaways from the Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Symposium that was hosted by SLCC and sponsored by the University of Utah. I attended this year because there were several aviation themed presentations. Some of the takeaways were handling composites when involved in an accident or fire, the fibers released are extremely harmful and need to be contained. If you fly aircraft with composite structures you should discuss this with your local airport response team including police and fire. There was also a lot of presentations of Hazmat and SDS sheets that need to be updated to comply with recent law changes over the past few years. One big take away for me was that of the training level of the emergency response team, "you don't rese to the occasion, you sink to your level of training" was frequently quoted. Take time to plan for "low frequency, high intensity" events. 
  • The monthly safety article has been posted for August and Kent Barnes will submit the September article based on Flight Service Briefings. 
  • The University Aviation Association conference will take place September 12-15 with a Safety Infoshare to take place all day on the 12th. I HIGHLY recommend attending the infoshare if you are going. Here is the link:
  • I am going to coordinate a UFTC meet up at the conference, so please let me know if you are planning to attend the conference.