Latest Meeting Minutes

Thank you to all of you who joined and participated in the call today. Here is a recap of items discussed.


  • We finished up our survival kits at SUU. They came in at around $80 each and weighed in at exactly 10 lbs. Picture of laid out contents and list attached below. 
  • I will have an article put together on UAV's for January.
  • Speaking of UAV's, they are getting very cheap. Amazon currently has their best seller listed for less than $40, it weighs less than the FAA .55 lb requirement for registration. It would be wise to have a plan in place of what to do if a drone is encountered in flight. I have reattached the LEO and FAA UAV information below. There is an FAA app B4Ufly that is available for UAV operators that gives a no fly area map around airports and allows them to flight plan.
  • An alert area was added to the Las Vegas sectional for the training area around Cedar City. The chart supplement was recently updated on 12/7 as well. The contacts to add a alert area to the chart is, the contact for the chart supplement is I have attached an example of the set up document for the Cedar City alert area. 
  • Please caution your flight instructors and students that when approaching Cedar City they should change to CTAF prior to 16 NM North of the Field as that is the arc intercept to the ILS. Also use caution when approaching the VOR as it is used heavily for training. Salt Lake Center has been advised and ATC agents should release traffic for a freq change prior to VELDE. 
  • A recent article in Flying Magazine highly criticized the FAASafety Program. I think it is important to keep in mind that as educators and flight schools we establish the safety foundation for future pilots. I have offered students extra credit for being enrolled in the FAASafety program and for attending local or on-line seminars. The alerts and articles they receive as part of this program are priceless. 
  • The ASIAS program is available to flight schools. There is the potential for access to a large amount of safety information that can be implemented in training and other programs to better prepare our students for future employers. I have attached a FAQ below. 
  • A video was placed on Youtube of the recent CFI Endorsement Seminar held at Westminster and recorded by Bountiful Flight. I have been watching and it is excellent. Here is the link.